Exploring Byblos Castle

Last week, Gisele and I headed to Byblos to take a tour through the Byblos Castle and discover something new.  Little did we know that the Byblos Castle, which cost 6,000LL to enter, was just the entrance to the rest of old Byblos city which takes around 2 to 3 hours to walk.  The walk includes signs describing different aspects about the city such as the burial grounds, ampitheater and drinking well.  I suggest you wear comfortable walking shoes and shorts if you are visiting during the summer.  We wore jeans and flip flops and were ready to cut our excursion in half after 20 minutes due to our reluctance to prepare. 

After we finished, we found an adorable little restaurant called Feniqia right across the entrance to the Castle on the street.  This restaurant is resemblant of Byblos architecture with stone bar and terracotta bowls and adornment. It serves all kinds of salads, sandwiches and platters to quench your appetite pre or post Byblos.  A complimentary tray of olives, labneh and zaatar is served with small pita breads and a mini saj stove to heat bread throughout the meal.  I loved that unique and creative addition. 

For more ideas of what to do in Byblos, read my last post “An Afternoon in Byblos.”


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