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Fab Find: Rue Hamra Earrings

I was browsing through FB and came across these really cute and unique earrings.  They are made by Zinab Chahine who creates handmade jewelry, totes, clothes and purses with a touch of Lebanon.  Check out her collection in her Facebook Group CTRL + Z.


Dr. Scholls Fast Flats

Dr. Scholls knows how to cater to women!!!  I’m so excited to get my hands on their latest product, Fast Flats, because I will never be one of those girls that puts beauty over comfort.  I don’t think they are available yet in Beirut as they just launched in the States.  The product includes two very flexible slippers that are rolled up and tucked into a trendy carryon that can fit on your wrist, in your purse or in your car.  Love it!

PIAFF in Downtown and Clemenceau

The famous Allenby Street in Downtown Beirut has become the walk of luxury and all things glamourous from haute couture to accessories such as mobiles, bling and shoes! If you’re not sure where to start, your best bet is to follow the advice of sure shoppers. That advice took me straight to Piaff and I’m happy it did.

Starting with an enticing window display, I walked in to find a variety of the most unique, creative and trendy outfits from head to toe. You’ll find pieces from famously modern and innovative international brand names such as Issey Miyake, Alexander Wang, Anna Sui, Barbara Bui, Hussein Chalayan, Marios Shwab, Martin Grant, Tsumori Chisato, Ann Demeulemeester. The beauty of Piaff is that their variety will never compromise your originality as each piece is picked to match style, passion and personal expression. In fact, I found the piece that trully expresses mine 🙂

Piaff stores are located in Clemenceau and Allenby Street, Downtown. Visit soon to enjoy the summer sale. For more information, call 01-362368 or 01-976677.

Georges Hobeika’s Wedding Dress Window Display

On the way to Habtoor for Martine & Dana’s Bday Pamper Session, we stopped by Georges Hobeika so Martine could pick something up.  While I waited outside, I couldn’t help but stare and stare at a magnificent white dress in the window display.  I’m not a specialist in fashion but I do know a gorgeous dress when I see one!  And that dress was GORGEOUS.  So I took a few shots as an option for potential future plans.  I have been a growing fan of Georges Hobeika’s Signature collections as years go by with each collection even more beautiful and impressive than the last.  It seems that Hollywood is of the same opinion with more and more stars dressing in Georges Hobeika.  Check out the Georges Hobeika website to browse through his new collections.

FITFLOPS are now in Beirut

I recently got my hands on a pair of Fitflops and haven’t been able to take them off since.  Having heard all about them on the internet, in magazines and of course through the celebrity grapevine of what’s new and hot, I was so happy to hear that they were launched in March in Beirut and now available in ABC Dbayeh and Achrafieh. 

In my quest for body perfection, “the workout while you walk” slogan was enough of a punch line for me to take the bait with a Microwobbleboard technology that promotes relief of joint stress and activation of leg muscles.   If you want specifics, check out the picture above. 

With so many styles to choose from such as Rebel, Rockstar, Pietra, Walkstar, Oasis Suede and a special Snakeskin Limited Edition, there is a fitflop for everyone.  I personally chose the Pietra because it fits best with my wardrobe and it’s good I did because I can’t seem to take them off now.  Yes, primarily I was in it for the workout but who cares about a workout with comfort like this.  I can honestly say that this is the first time I have been able to walk more than 2 to 3 hours straight without even feeling the slightest bit of pain in my feet and legs.  In addition, this might just be psychological, but I could swear my butt is higher than it was when I started wearing my Fitflops.

The retail value ranges from $90 to $100 at ABC Stores but is definitly worth the investment.  For more information about the benefits and styles of FitFlop, visit their website on or join the FitFlop Lebanon Facebook Group.

Getting Creative at Aishti

Shopping with Hala is always fun because you never know what you’ll come across next.  Hala could easily be considered a fashion expert, in my opinion, as she’s up to date with all the newest trends, the latest designer lines and a detailed eye for functionality. 

Yesterday, our shopping destination was Aishti – Downtown.  I’ve never been much of an Aishti fan as I don’t believe clothes or accessories should be worth a whole paycheck but yesterday Hala pointed out some really catchy items for considerably decent prices (compared to the rest of the prices).  I guess its all about taking the time to look around. 

Here’s what we found on this trip:

Vivienne Westwood Plastic Shoes:  I didn’t even know styles like this were available.  They are literally plastic and very cinderella like.  Vivienne teamed up with Melissa to offer flats and heels in trendy colorful styles for all ages.   At $150, it’s an adorable addition to any ladies’ wardrobe.  Plus, they are EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE!

Barbara Rihl Totes & Bags:  Introducing the most creative bags I’ve ever seen!  These bags really caught my eye as they were different, all colors and so unique.  Barbara Rihl’s totes are all about the chic on the go from travel bags to small totes.  They range from $300 to $600.

P.s. If those prices seem a bit high for your budget, keep your ears open for the 60% sale at the end of season 🙂

Trendy Accessories at H&M

H&M is one of the best stops for up to date trendy accessories such as scarves, hair clips, colorful earrings and bangles.  Updated every few months, the great thing about H&M accessories is that they are fresh, creative, colorful and the perfect addition to a classic casual outfit.  I’m not much of a fan of the H&M clothes selection but the accessories section more than makes up for that.  H&M stores located in Downtown, ABC Achrafieh and Hamra.

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