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Thalasso Caviar Facial at Habtoor

The Thalasso Caviar facial at Habtoor Elixer Spa makes for an excellent gift and a great treatment for special occasions.  Not only is it one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve tried in a while but the result is glowing radiant skin that can be enjoyed for months. 

The treatment which lasts for 1.5 hours includes a skin assessment of your needs, scrub, deep cleansing, mask of caviar products specially designed to lift, purify and renew and an additional collagen mask for the eyes if required.  In addition, clients enjoy a relaxing and stimulating massage on the face, neck and shoulders as well as the arms. 

The cost of this specific treatment is $120 with an additional $50 for the collagen mask.  The price may seem steep but it is definitly worth every penny for women and men of all ages as each facial is customized to the needs of your skin.

Post treatment, enjoy some of the most innovative facilities I’ve seen to date such as the arctic room, the amazon rainshower and the hotbeds to name a few. 

For more information, contact the Grand Habtoor Elixir Spa on 01-500666. 



35 Rooms Launches in Hamra

I haven’t actually been to 35 Rooms but I love the concept presented through the website.  I find it a perfect combination between an appartment and a trendy hotel.  Hamra needs a shot of new in all its old glory. 

All guest rooms include a kitchenette, flat screen LCD & DVD and high speed wireless internet as well as the other amenities a hotel offers such as mini bar, dry cleaning and laundry, safe and car rental.

I’m guessing the rooms are limited to 35 beautifully decorated formats ranging from standard rooms to appartments to penthouse.

For more information, check out or contact them on 01-345676.

Hot Stone Massage at Habtoor Hotel

Martine invited me today for a birthday treat to a Hot Stone Massage at Habtoor Hotel.  We were both so excited to try something new and experience the facilities and the expertise of one of the best hotels in Beirut.  As a self proclaimed spa fanatic, here is my evaluation of the experience.

The Spa:  The spa design was fantastic.  We started off in the locker rooms and changed into cotton robes and slippers and walked up to the therapy area which was vast with a grand entrance colored in neutrals with candles and wicker couches.  We chose the double room which was had two large massage beds, a lovely presentation with tealights and wooden chairs and soft music. 

The Massage:  I didn’t particularly like the massage when comparing it to other massages I have had in Lebanon and abroad.  I thought the therapists weren’t as experienced as they should have been and it was very rehearsed rather than customized to suit my muscle tension.   In addition, the hot stones were placed on towels rather than directly on my skin as I have had in previous sessions in other spas.  One thing I did like was that the therapist finished each area by softening the stroke to end up with a light tickle which I thought was a nice way to finish.

The Facilities:  Once we finished the massage, we were offered green tea and access to the Leisure Spa.  I loved the facilities.  They were creative, new and plentiful.  We started off with the hot beds (heated curved stone beds), then tried out the Amazon rain shower which had two buttons (one for tropical shower and one for artic rain).   We then moved on to the steam room, sauna and finished it off with the ARTIC ROOM.  This was something very new for me.  It was a freezing room filled with ice and snow.  It was cold but definitly bearable and quite refreshing after the sauna.  Apparently, its perfect for closing up pours and stimulating the blood flow. 

All in all, I would give this particular experience a 5 over 10.  For the price of $90 (not including tax) per massage, I expected alot more atleast from the massage.  But as a birthday gift for some time off with my best friend, I loved it 🙂  Thanks Babe!

Holiday Inn is Ready to Impress

Listen up holiday goers, business travellers and anyone else intimidated by rising hotel costs.  Holiday Inn has launched a new “Stay Impressed” campaign that saves travellers alot of extra costs including:

  • Free broadband access
  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free laundry press service

Those are pretty good perks to consider especially when added on top of the excellent comfort at a reasonable price that Holiday Inn is known for.

List of participating hotels within the Middle East (including Holiday Inn Dunes, Beirut) can be found by pressing this link:  Holiday Inn

For more information and booking info, visit the Holiday Inn Global site

The Art of Customer Service

This week I’ve been living it up in the lounge of the Four Seasons since some of my family are staying there.  I know I talk alot about the Four Seasons but I honestly have yet to find a single place around the world (in any industry) that can match their hospitality and their customer service. 

So far I have tested out the Four Seasons in Doha, Qatar (of which I posted on my other blog) and Beirut. Based on those two experiences, here is what I can tell you.  Whenever you need a home away from home where people make it a point to remember your name, exactly what you order and literally make any request you may dream of a reality, this is the place to go!  It may be a bit pricier than your average coffee shop 😉 with a coffee or cold beverage around 15,000LL but you can’t put a price on this kind of customer service!

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Ultimate Travel Destination: Bora Bora

I was looking over the stats of my other blog “For the Love of Blush, Cake and Romance”  to see which posts were the most popular.  The Beauty of Bora Bora post took the lead by a landslide with over 300,000 visitors to that post alone.  Bora Bora is definitly one of the most breathtaking spots in the world with clear blue waters, green mountains and luxurious huts to spoil yourself in.  But the question is for those of us in the Middle East or Europe… Would you travel around 24 – 28 hours to reach this paradise?  It’s even farther than Australia, located in the French Polynesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  Look at the below pictures and then answer the question that follows 🙂







Two Beirut Hotels Make CN Traveller Hot List 2010

Congratulations to the Four Seasons & Le Gray Hotel who made it onto the Conde Naste Traveller Hot List of 2010.  CN Traveller lists the hottest new must stays around the world each year.  Unfortunately, Beirut has been next to non existant on the most famous travel website & magazine until this year where our two newest hotels have been listed among the 66 other new hotels on the Hot List of 2010. 

Four Seasons Beirut Hot List Page

Le Gray Beirut Hot List Page


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