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Kimantra Spa – Dbayeh

I’ve been out of action for the last year although I have come across alot of treasures in Lebanon.  One of which is my ultimate relaxation haven called Kimantra Spa.  It initially started for women but recently opened up for men as well.  I’ve tried everything from Balinese to Thai to Ayervedic massage but I always come back to the Balinese as its my favorite. 

 This cosy little spa has a very rustic look set in burgundy and purple colors and dark brown wood.  The atmosphere is filled with calming scents and enchanting music.  Massages can range from $60 to $120 depending on time and detail required.

For more information, visit their website  or call them on 04-546654.


Thalasso Caviar Facial at Habtoor

The Thalasso Caviar facial at Habtoor Elixer Spa makes for an excellent gift and a great treatment for special occasions.  Not only is it one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve tried in a while but the result is glowing radiant skin that can be enjoyed for months. 

The treatment which lasts for 1.5 hours includes a skin assessment of your needs, scrub, deep cleansing, mask of caviar products specially designed to lift, purify and renew and an additional collagen mask for the eyes if required.  In addition, clients enjoy a relaxing and stimulating massage on the face, neck and shoulders as well as the arms. 

The cost of this specific treatment is $120 with an additional $50 for the collagen mask.  The price may seem steep but it is definitly worth every penny for women and men of all ages as each facial is customized to the needs of your skin.

Post treatment, enjoy some of the most innovative facilities I’ve seen to date such as the arctic room, the amazon rainshower and the hotbeds to name a few. 

For more information, contact the Grand Habtoor Elixir Spa on 01-500666. 


Ready. Set. Glow.

I’ve got friends coming in tomorrow from Dubai which I’m very excited about.  However, considering that they have had a headstart on the beach for a few months in advance, I decided to even the score and go try the Combo Tan at The Tanning Salon Gemmayze.  I’m so glad I did.  Six hours later, I look like I’ve been to the beach atleast 3 times and the good news is that it will last the duration of their visit 😉  I opted for the Combo Tan which includes a UV tan and a Mystic Spray tan for $27.  I liked the experience and will definitly repeat it.  What I liked most was that the tan isn’t a drastic difference being only 3 or 4 shades darker than your natural color and more importantly your color is not orange.  It’s worth a try if you’re getting ready for the beach, have a special occasion or are not a fan of the sun.


The Tanning Salon – Gemmayze

Days are getting longer, weather is warming up, everyone is starting to get their bodies into shape for the upcoming Beirut summer season that includes non-stop beach and outings with a continuous stream of friends and relatives stopping in from abroad. 

The first few times you shed the winter clothes and show some skin isn’t too pleasant, especially for me who is as white as they get 😦  Which is why I’m quite happy about the recent opening of The Tanning Salon in Gemmayze.   With pretty decent prices and the choice of UV Tan and UV Free (spray on tan), I can hop in and out in under 10 minutes and hit the beach as if its like the 10th time I go this year 😉 

Your Tanning Options:

* UV-Free Mystic Tan (2 min only): $20

*UV Tanning (6 – 8 min): $10

*Cocktail Tan [UV Tan + Mystic Tan Combo] for a fantastic, healthy glow: $27

The website is still under construction: although you can join their Tanning Salon FB Group for more info.

You can also contact them on 01-560593 or stop by the Alleyway in Gemmayze.

Me Time – Men’s Grooming Club

There is finally a grooming place in Lebanon just for men!  Yes, there are many places that offer services for both men and women but most of the men I know prefer to groom (mani – pedi – facials) without making it a public event.  Me-Time Grooming Club is a mini spa just for men offering a full list of services needed to come out looking impeccable.  Menu includes manicure, pedicure, facials, massage and reflexology.  I called in to get an idea of the prices and they are very reasonable with a 25 min neck/back/shoulders dry massage for 30,000LL and a 30 min foot reflexology session for 45,000LL. 

Me Time has gift cards as well which makes for the perfect gifts for all our hard-working men 😉 

I haven’t yet sent anyone to try it out as I just discovered it today, but I will soon.  Until then, if anyone has tried Me Time,  we’d appreciate your feedback.

For more information, contact Me Time on 01-362968 or pass by their Club in Starco Center.

Gift Idea: L’Occitane Eau de Parfum

While visiting the Beirut Souks, I spent a considerable amount of time in L’Occitane en Provence.  This bath and body shop has something for everyone with a variety of natural products with luscious scents. 

The newest product on display is the lovely Voyage en Mediterrenee selection of Eau de Parfum in Jasmine, Mimosa, Iris, Myrtle, Neroli and Cedar.  This makes for a perfect gift for women.  The price tag in Beirut is $90 but worth the purchase as this concentrated perfume will last for atleast a year or two.  I sprayed Mimosa once on my wrist and enjoyed the scent for the rest of the day.  

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