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Delicious Desserts from Secrets

We had a lovely family gathering tonight and one of the fam brought a huge colorful box with Secrets written on the top.  I couldn’t help but sneak a peak when noone was looking.  I almost had a heart attack when I did because I found 12 Creme brulees (each in their own containers) that looked crisp, creamy and just the right amount of sweet.  I decided to skip dinner and go straight to dessert!  I’m not really a sweet lover but OMG, those creme brulees were pure heaven.  They tasted even better than they looked.   The bakery that creates these delicious treats is called Hazem Arayssi Secrets in Koraytem.  I’m not sure about their other desserts but I can definitely vouch for the creme brulees 🙂


Wedding List at Mobilitop

Every time I’m passing through Jal El Dib highway I notice the big white sign in front of Mobilitop offering an incredible offer for newlyweds.  Today I decided to go in and check it out.  I’m not getting married yet but for an offer like that, it’s worth speeding it up 😉

The Wedding List package by Mobilitop offers:

  • 110% cash back
  • Up to 30% discount in the store
  • Credit facilities
  • Free gift

Mobilitop has a huge showroom on Jal el Dib highway with trendy items such as furniture, accessories, lighting and wallpaper to serve as a complete solution for home decor. 

For more information, contact them on 01-870000 or visit their website on

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