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Preparing for the Birthday Bash

My birthday is on its way to grace me yet again with another +1 to add to the big 3 – 0.  I’m still working on a plan to prevent the laws of gravity from taking course by vigorous exercise, getting healthy and living for the day… this way when I start celebrating -1 each year, it will look believable 🙂  In the meantime, I can bank on the fact that I’m still 15 at heart!

The only thing this year on my wish list is to have an amazing bday party with my friends and my love somewhere special, unique and happening!  I have a few options on my list and will keep you updated.

Have a great week!


Shop Talk Beirut Celebrates with 10,000 Viewers

Today is a great day for me as Shop Talk Beirut has officially crossed the 10,000 viewers mark.  For a website that’s only a few months old, that’s a feat worth mentioning.  I’d like to thank all my readers for your support and feedback 🙂 

Keep up to date with Shop Talk Beirut by:

Thanks again for your support and looking forward to hitting the 20,000 viewer mark.

Have a great day!

And We’re Back…

Last week was a hell of a week.   Got the flu and was too tired to do anything.  I guess everyone needs their down and out times.  Atleast I saved a bit of money 🙂  Well not that much considering I bought a whole shopping cart of meds! 

Just for the record, even when I’m not posting articles, you can find what I’ll be planning to do as well as my status on my “Things to Do List“.  I update it pretty much every day or other day.  I am happy to announce that two new spots have opened up in the growing Antelias strip… a Chinese restaurant and an Irish pub i’m guessing called The Dubliner.  Will be stopping by this weekend to check it out and get back to you. 

Due to my sickness, I was unable to go to the launch of RAGMAG in Edde Sands but I was able to get my hands on a copy of their first issue which will be published monthly for 10,000LL in bookstores.  To be honest, I expected alot more but this is still their first issue and as an avid reader who loves browsing new publications and channels of info, I wish them all the best.

Been doing alot of research on the Dubai trip.  So far I’ve got the best price scenarios off and I’m planning to travel Emirates to try it out in comparison to the MEA, Fly Dubai and Jazeera flights.  It runs about $550 for a return flight during June.  I’m very excited to go back to Dubai Mall – now that’s a shopper’s haven!!! 

But the topping on my list is to watch the world cup with my friends at Hush Football Lounge at Madinat Jumeirah.  Supersize screens, a view of Dubai’s best features, great food and a DJ to keep the atmosphere exciting.  GAME ON!!!  If any of you will be in Dubai during World Cup, please feel free to visit the Hush Football Lounge Facebook page and confirm your attendance. 

12 more days to go!!!

My Things To Do List

Alright everyone, I’ve decided to post my “Things to do List” to keep my readers updated with my plans but more importantly to get feedback and suggestions from all of you.   I will update it every few days or whenever something new comes to my mind.  Most of the points on my things to do list will end up becoming experiences that I will write about on my site.  So if you want me to try a specific place and get back to you about it, my Things to Do page would be the place to suggest that 🙂  Make sure to keep coming back as it won’t be posted with the regular updates on the site.

The “Things to do” tab is located on the top right of the heading bar or on the right bar under Main Pages.  Please feel free to drop comments or mail me with your suggestions or feedback on

“Fix It” Week

This week has been pretty low key cuz I have been trying to fix all the wrongs I made this winter. 

I finally cut my hair at this fantastic coiffure!  His name is Andre and he works at Crystal Mermaid in Elissar.  Ladies…  if you’re looking for a coiffure that knows what he’s doing and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to touch your hair, go visit him.  Even better, he’s located in a spa called Crystal Mermaid which offers just about anything you can dream of in the realm of beauty from wax to nails to massage to laser.  Contact 04-930024/25 to make an appointment or ask about services.

Anyway so I cut my hair and he’s had me using this hair treatment to revitalize my hair called Absolut Repair.  I was ready to try anything to stop the “mop” look going on with my hair.  I bought the shampoo and mask for around $40 and noticed results by the second time.  My hair is softer, a bit stronger, doesn’t break so easily and is getting back a bit of its shine. 

I took a week off of restaurants and coffees to focus on workout and getting healthy.  I stepped up my workout by walking an extra two days aside from my 3 day workout with Martine.  I also corrected my eating patterns not to include junk food, too many carbs, anything fried and also to minimize salt and sugar.

Now all I have to do is buy some new summer clothes and some swimsuits and I’ll be ready for the season 🙂

Let’s Talk Shop!

Dear Readers:

I’ve been slightly missing out of action this week as I have some more best friends who came in from Dubai.  Plus I’ve got a whole checklist of “things to do” which I’m surely gonna be getting back to you on with my experiences 🙂 

My things to do list looks something like this :

  • Hair cut
  • Hair color
  • Massage
  • Nails & Beauty session
  • Buy one or two swimsuits
  • Buy a few pretty dresses
  • Put away my winter wardrobe

The list is much longer but i’ll stop while I’m ahead…  But to some it all up, it’s basically getting ready for the summer beach season.

There are so many places to go and see that I still haven’t even heard about.  So I’d really appreciate if you all could drop me a comment or an email on with a suggestion of one place which you truly love that you believe deserves a shout out as Shop Talk Beirut is about sharing experiences and discovering new and unique places.  Looking forward to your suggestions 🙂


Beirut Set to Shine this Summer

With only a few months to go for summer vacation, Lebanon prepares to show exactly why it was ranked as #1 in worldwide tourism growth for 2010 according to the WTTC.  There are so many things about this magical country that keep tourists and Lebanese living abroad coming back for more, despite the obstacles faced every now and then. 

The resilience of this beautiful country astounds us and everyone else around the world for that matter.  Lebanon went from being on the blacklist a few years ago to one of the hottest spots to be in 2010.  If you don’t believe me, check out all these articles I found including the most renowned sources like CNN, CN Traveller, NY Times, The Mirror and The Guardian.  And these are only a few!

International standards and local hospitality make for unbeatable concepts and designs of hotels, restaurants, cafes, nightlife, fashion, entertainment, beaches, resorts, sports, real estate and so much more.  If you need a break from city life, drive a short distance to any village and experience fresh air, lush greenery, mountains and old style architecture that will take your breath away.  

Shop Talk Beirut’s mission is to cover as much of all of the above as possible 🙂  It’s gonna take alot of energy but it’s gonna be so worth it!  For the upcoming months of summer, we plan to step it up, do our research, get out there and experience as much as possible so we can get it back to you in time for you to enjoy.  For all you companies out there with quality products, services and experiences, now’s the time to let us know you’re out there.  

Contact us by email on or by telephone on 03-200972.


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