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The Weekly Buzz: Getting Healthy

I’ve decided to make this Weekly buzz about getting healthy.  It can take a lot of will power to jump on the healthy band wagon and power through life without too  many temptations.  Food, smoke, drugs, laziness, anger, junk food, etc.  But sometimes tweaking a few things in your routine can booster enough motivation to make healthier options a lifestyle.  Just before you think this Weekly Buzz doesn’t apply to you; take the Real Age Test and determine what your real age is based on hereditary, past and present factors.  When you rank in at 5 years older than your actual age, LIKE I DID, you’ll be ready and willing to get healthy.

Step 1:   Real Age Test

Step 2:   Figure out the areas you need to improve.  Sign up for the great suggestions offered by Real Age or search for your own.  You can start with some of the articles collected below.


The Weekly Buzz: Just for Ladies

Hello Ladies 🙂  This week’s Buzz is just for you.  I chose some interesting articles in fashion, fitness, travel, bling and relationships to keep you informed and up to date.

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The Weekly Buzz: Just for Men

Alright men.  This Weekly buzz is just for you with articles fished out from some of the best sources on the net. 

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Ladies, next week’s Weekly Buzz will be dedicated to you 🙂  Stay tuned!

The Weekly Buzz: Living in the Lap of Luxury

I often think what I would do if I won the lotto or if I was given the chance to live the luxury life for one day.  I’m not sure where I’d start but it would probably be something along these lines:

1.  First and foremost, I’d sign up with Quintessentially, the world’s leading concierge service to tend to all my needs and requests for that day.  The amazing thing about Quintessentially is they can arrange pretty much anything you can dream about.  Of course, you have to arrange to pay a pretty penny (starting from an annual membership fee of $1500 up to $45,000) but I guess if you have the millions or the billions, its a small price to pay for ultimate luxury.

2.  I’d buy the limited addition Cohiba Behike cigars for all my friends and family to celebrate.  The Behike was launched by Habanos as Cohiba’s best kept secret due to its special blend and unparalleled quality in the world of cigars.  With only 4000 for sale, their cost is $420 per cigar classifying the Behike as the world’s most expensive cigar.

3.  Get all my loved ones together for a day of celebration on the Altreides Luxury Yacht for fun under the sun with the retractable swimming pool to sit back and enjoy the Med Sea with the Lebanese shoreline as a backdrop.

4.  The fun won’t stop there… Once the sun starts to set, my friends and I will be enjoy some retail therapy in our new luxury Maserati GranCabrio for around $180,000.

5.  For the evening, family and friends will retreat to my rented hotel room for the night… The Royal Residences at Grand Hills Village in Broummana.  Only it’s not a hotel room but the largest hotel suite in the world with an astounding 4,131sqm including the Royal Residence (7 floors) along with 3 villas (2bdrm + 1 living room in each), 2 swimming pools, a private parking for 15 cars, 24 hour security, a personal butler and a daily rate of around $50,000.

When the clock strikes 12, my day of luxury will be over, but I will have enjoyed my day to the max because it’s not necessarily about how much money you have but that you know how to make the most of it to make memories that last.  Recently, I came across a billionnaire whose clock also struck 12 but by his own will.  Mr. Albert Gubay had it all and gave it all to charity to fullfil a pact with God he made when he was younger.  Now that’s inspirational!

The Weekly Buzz – Travel

I decided to make this week’s Buzz on the subject of Travel.  Summer is coming up and vacation preparations are in progress so I thought I’d give you some interesting links I’ve come across in the past month to inspire you.  I have selected a spot from each of the five continents for you to enjoy.

New Zealand:  Branded as the youngest country on earth on its official website, it is also one of the most beautiful.  New Zealand played the magnificent backdrop to Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  On that note, tours are also available for Lord of the Rings fans.

Maharaja Express:  Experience India onboard the newest Indian luxury liner.  Take your choice of four India tours depending on your preferred experience of pricely, royal, classic or celestial India.  Maharaja Express Website.

A Travel Guide to Egypt:  Egypt is one of those places that must be visited in a lifetime.  Each city holds a special treasure and an amazing experience.  The perfect option for those who want to stay close to home but benefit from a wealth of history, grandeur and beauty all in one trip. CN Traveller gives a detailed guide to the main cities of Egypt.

Versace Mansion Reborn as a Miami Hotel:  Anyone heading to the Sunshine State of Florida can pass by the newest hotel on the Miami scene – Gianni Versace’s immaculately decorated house.  If you can’t afford the overnight stay at 2,100$ a night, you can always stop by for tea at 35$ a person 🙂

Lovely Scotland:  Sadly enough, I didn’t really know just how beautiful was until I watched the movie “Made of Honor”.  Ever since then, Scotland is definitly on the top 5 list of my upcoming vacation spots.  Luscious green hills, gorgeous castles and scenery you just can’t get enough of!



Easter Dinner Menu

Happy Easter everyone!!!  May this be a blessed holiday for you and your loved ones.  In case you need some inspiration on recipe ideas for tomorrow, take a look at the Easter Dinner Menu provided by Eating Well.  The menu is healthy, tasty and simple enough to get it right on your first try.  Enjoy!

Weekly Auto News

Keep up to date with the latest happenings in the Auto Industry.


  • Tag Tesla World Trip:  Tag Heuer and Tesla motors team up for Tag’s 150th anniversary with a special made electric roadster all ready and set for a trip around Europe.  They started in Basel a few weeks back and are now somewhere near Monaco.

  • Hennessy Venom GT:  I have seen so many articles on this $600,000 supercar.  The one that summed it up best was Top Gear with their article titled “1000 bhp bug killer breaks cover


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