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Shakespeare & Co Cafe

One of my favorite cafes from Dubai has finally arrived in Lebanon.  Shakespeare & Co is a cozy cafe which combines old style European chic with a delicious and diverse modern menu.   Shisha is available as well for anyone interested.  This is a cafe worth visiting whenever you’re in the Dbayeh area.  P.s. The Beef Tenderloin and Bread & Butter Pudding are delicious!!!


Bargain Deals Online

I’m enjoying the growing list of bargain websites that bring you 50 – 90% discount deals off products and services such as hotels, beauty, relaxation, sports, dining and drinks.

There may be more but these are the ones I am currently aware of.  Join on their mailing list or join their FB groups to keep up to date with their offers.



One of my favorite websites for activities across Lebanon throughout the year is  It’s easy to use, pretty comprehensive and has activities split by categories of interest such as conferences, art, kids, food and drinks, nightlife, etc.

Delicious Desserts from Secrets

We had a lovely family gathering tonight and one of the fam brought a huge colorful box with Secrets written on the top.  I couldn’t help but sneak a peak when noone was looking.  I almost had a heart attack when I did because I found 12 Creme brulees (each in their own containers) that looked crisp, creamy and just the right amount of sweet.  I decided to skip dinner and go straight to dessert!  I’m not really a sweet lover but OMG, those creme brulees were pure heaven.  They tasted even better than they looked.   The bakery that creates these delicious treats is called Hazem Arayssi Secrets in Koraytem.  I’m not sure about their other desserts but I can definitely vouch for the creme brulees 🙂

Fab Find: Rue Hamra Earrings

I was browsing through FB and came across these really cute and unique earrings.  They are made by Zinab Chahine who creates handmade jewelry, totes, clothes and purses with a touch of Lebanon.  Check out her collection in her Facebook Group CTRL + Z.

One Traffic Law Closer to a Safer Lebanon

I’m loving the new traffic laws in place.  The last week on the roads haS been safe, less stressful and quite funny to watch.  Noone seems to dare try to go over 80km/h or cross red lights due to the new radars placed throughout the country.  Speed limits can range between 40 and 60 km/h in the city and 80 to 100km/h on highways.  Fines start at 50,000LL and can range up to 5,000,000LL for higher speeds.   To ensure you aren’t accumulating any tickets without knowing, visit and enter your license plate number.

Thalasso Caviar Facial at Habtoor

The Thalasso Caviar facial at Habtoor Elixer Spa makes for an excellent gift and a great treatment for special occasions.  Not only is it one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve tried in a while but the result is glowing radiant skin that can be enjoyed for months. 

The treatment which lasts for 1.5 hours includes a skin assessment of your needs, scrub, deep cleansing, mask of caviar products specially designed to lift, purify and renew and an additional collagen mask for the eyes if required.  In addition, clients enjoy a relaxing and stimulating massage on the face, neck and shoulders as well as the arms. 

The cost of this specific treatment is $120 with an additional $50 for the collagen mask.  The price may seem steep but it is definitly worth every penny for women and men of all ages as each facial is customized to the needs of your skin.

Post treatment, enjoy some of the most innovative facilities I’ve seen to date such as the arctic room, the amazon rainshower and the hotbeds to name a few. 

For more information, contact the Grand Habtoor Elixir Spa on 01-500666. 


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