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Walk on the Marina

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I just love Beirut on a cloudy day!  The colors are more vivid, the air is fresh and the view can be seen for miles.   For all of you who like to appreciate a good view, I suggest you try a walk on the boardwalk outside of Marina Dbayeh.  Just take the bridge before ABC Dbayeh and park your car anywhere on the boardwalk.


You get the view of the sea, the mountains and beautiful Beirut from a distance.  You can watch the Marina Waterfront Complex come to life. Plus it’s free!


The Weekly Buzz: Getting Healthy

I’ve decided to make this Weekly buzz about getting healthy.  It can take a lot of will power to jump on the healthy band wagon and power through life without too  many temptations.  Food, smoke, drugs, laziness, anger, junk food, etc.  But sometimes tweaking a few things in your routine can booster enough motivation to make healthier options a lifestyle.  Just before you think this Weekly Buzz doesn’t apply to you; take the Real Age Test and determine what your real age is based on hereditary, past and present factors.  When you rank in at 5 years older than your actual age, LIKE I DID, you’ll be ready and willing to get healthy.

Step 1:   Real Age Test

Step 2:   Figure out the areas you need to improve.  Sign up for the great suggestions offered by Real Age or search for your own.  You can start with some of the articles collected below.

The Weekly Buzz: Just for Ladies

Hello Ladies 🙂  This week’s Buzz is just for you.  I chose some interesting articles in fashion, fitness, travel, bling and relationships to keep you informed and up to date.

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The Weekly Buzz: Just for Men

Alright men.  This Weekly buzz is just for you with articles fished out from some of the best sources on the net. 

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Ladies, next week’s Weekly Buzz will be dedicated to you 🙂  Stay tuned!

The Fitness Academy Tour 2010

Just found out today that there is a Fitness Academy Tour being held today, April 21, in Forum de Beyrouth.  That should be a great experience for anyone looking to start their weight loss.  Guidance is always better than going it alone.  I’ve never been but I’m hoping to stop by tomorrow to check it out and gain some tips.  For anyone interested in stopping by, register on the Fitness Academy Tour website for free entrance to attend three hours worth of weight loss training, diet tips and techniques to help guide you in your preparations for summer slimdown.   

  • Location:  Forum de Beyrouth
  • Timing:  5:30pm to 8:30pm

Getting Fit with Personal Trainer – Martine

Getting ready for the summer can be a tedious task, especially in the area of fitness.  It takes nothing less than a miracle to tranform your body from winter mode to supermodel summer mode in a span of a few months. 

Good thing for me I’ve got my bestfriend and certified personal trainer Martine to whip me into shape.  Even better, she can take one good look at you and tell you what you need, how to do it and how long it will take before you even open your mouth.  Her diagnosis for me was muscle building to tone up and slender down. 

I have been participating in her class for one month now (3 times a week) and surprisingly enough my muscles are starting to make an appearance just as she said.   What I like about her class is that she keeps you informed of what’s going on with your body every step of the way and teaches you so much about the whole process of losing weight. 

I asked her to give me some tips for my readers and she gladly agreed.  Hopefully she’ll be making quite a few appearances in my Food & Fitness section to help all of you get in shape for summer.  If you can’t wait for the tips, you can contact Martine on 03-173851 or participate in her workout class monday, wednesday and friday at 6:00pm in The Leisure Club – Champville. 


Martine’s Fitness Tips:

Reaching your fitness goals is as easy or hard as you make it. Being armed with the right knowledge and keeping things simple are key!

Here are my Top 5 Tips for Getting Fit Faster:

1)      Take a ‘Before’ Picture

Taking a picture of yourself before you begin your training will give you amazing motivation to give 110% to your weight loss and fitness goals. It will remind you of why you started in the first place, while encouraging you to make sure your ‘After’ picture shows a dramatic difference 

2)      Don’t Eat Less than 2 ½ Hours before a Workout

In order to lose fat, you must USE your body fat for energy. This means your body should be in a fasting state before you workout, or it will just use the energy that is easiest to obtain-that easy energy comes from food that is being digested!

3)      Interval Training

While training, make sure your heart rate fluctuates from low to high, intermittently. This method requires your body to burn significantly more calories than you would burn if working out at a steady pace for the same amount of time.

4)      Slower is Better

All strength training movements work better and burn more calories when performed slowly and steadily. Without momentum, your muscles have to work harder to lift your body or the weight you are working with. That means more fat and calories burned, more muscle built and a lot less risk for injury.  

5)      Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!

Stretching is the best gift you can give your muscles and joints. It encourages better body tone, the release of unhealthy toxins in muscles, increased flexibility for better overall performance and reduced risk for injuries and severe cramping. And Surprise… proper stretching burns more calories than you think!

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