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The Student TAB


Alfa & MTC Touch are launching a special package to students across Lebanon, in collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunication, combining a 3G connection with an Intel Tab.  Payments can be done over 2 years at 19.9$ a month

For anyone interested in this package, check out both providers:
Alfa TAB
MTC Touch Tabby Kit



Magnolia Bakery


Delicious, creamy and worth every calorie are what comes to mind when I think of the savory desserts we discovered yesterday at Magnolia Bakery at ABC Dbayeh. Not to mention mouthwatering and utterly delightful to look at. Staring at the display of cookies, cupcakes, pies and cakes was like going through a museum where you are in utter awe of how something can look so good!  We ended up settling for the Chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream which was a generous portion of fluffy chocolate cake with the creamiest frosting I have ever tasted.

Magnolia 2

For all you sweets lovers, DO NOT miss this spot!  And if you aren’t really a sweets person, they have delicious menu for lunch and dinner as well.  But good luck passing up the sweets they have on display!  Prices range from 2,000LL for a cookie to 12,000LL for a miniature pie but portions are quite generous.

Walk on the Marina

20130921_093617 - Copy

I just love Beirut on a cloudy day!  The colors are more vivid, the air is fresh and the view can be seen for miles.   For all of you who like to appreciate a good view, I suggest you try a walk on the boardwalk outside of Marina Dbayeh.  Just take the bridge before ABC Dbayeh and park your car anywhere on the boardwalk.


You get the view of the sea, the mountains and beautiful Beirut from a distance.  You can watch the Marina Waterfront Complex come to life. Plus it’s free!

Shakespeare & Co Cafe

One of my favorite cafes from Dubai has finally arrived in Lebanon.  Shakespeare & Co is a cozy cafe which combines old style European chic with a delicious and diverse modern menu.   Shisha is available as well for anyone interested.  This is a cafe worth visiting whenever you’re in the Dbayeh area.  P.s. The Beef Tenderloin and Bread & Butter Pudding are delicious!!!

Bargain Deals Online

I’m enjoying the growing list of bargain websites that bring you 50 – 90% discount deals off products and services such as hotels, beauty, relaxation, sports, dining and drinks.

There may be more but these are the ones I am currently aware of.  Join on their mailing list or join their FB groups to keep up to date with their offers.



One of my favorite websites for activities across Lebanon throughout the year is  It’s easy to use, pretty comprehensive and has activities split by categories of interest such as conferences, art, kids, food and drinks, nightlife, etc.

L’Ancre Seafood Restaurant – The most beautiful view in Jounieh

One of my favorite spots in Jounieh has to be L’Ancre.  This restaurant is ideal for both lunch and dinner with a stunning view of the bay of Jounieh all the way to Beirut.  If you look down to the rocks below, you’ll see fishermen collecting their catch of the day.

We spent the day today enjoying the view at L’Ancre but with such a stunning view and plenty of family pictures to take, I completely forgot to take a picture of the view alone.  But I found this beautiful pic of the view at night on the net. 

This spot is a must if you are a seafood fan.  Call ahead for reservations on 09855529.

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